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Johnson & Johnson Product Recall
Following notification from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to make all domperidone containing medicines available on prescription only in the UK, Johnson & Johnson called us as this affected their Motilium 10 and Motilium 10 Instants. They required us to contact all wholesalers, pharmacies and distributors and to advise them that the product needed to be recalled with immediate effect. Precision offer a communications and logistics support service to undertake the notification, recall and reconciliation of ‘suspect’ batches/products from within the supply chain on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.
Working alongside Johnson & Johnson’s Quality Assurance team, and using our in-house National Pharmacy Database of all retail pharmacies, our responsible people at wholesalers, we sent out an urgent recall notification regarding the MHRA decision advising them to get in touch with us if they had any outstanding stock. Due to how the products had to be returned, Precision had to batch pharmacies into three main categories: pharmacies in Jersey and the Isle of Man; pharmacies in Northern Ireland; and all other remaining pharmacies. The pharmacies all received a personalised letter, a returns form and a Q&A sheet. Once the notification was sent out we reconciled the return forms that were sent back along with the product batches and reported this back to QA for them to process the final credits. Although not a Class 1 recall, Precision turned the mailing around within 24 hours of the MHRA announcement. Having access to the data, high spec printers, and fulfilment in-house helped us achieve this. We also handled the returns processing on behalf of J&J.