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“For over 15 years GMP Software has worked closely with Precision Marketing Group. Precision’s National Pharmacy Database provides an accurate, up-to-date list which is refreshed weekly for us to pick up new customers. Using Precision data combined with our FieldStrike system removes the guesswork when running an efficient sales team in the UK and Eire. A reliable, live information source notifying us of closures, relocations and new store openings is critical for cost effective route planning.“

Andrew Meek, Managing Director, GMP Software Ltd
GMP Software
GMP Software are providers of a leading sales CRM system, for field sales forces working in the retail pharmacy sector. Reps have access to a wealth of information about their customers and the platform facilitates order taking, auditing, route planning and a variety of different reports.
Vital to the development of features, operational efficiency and the effectiveness of the system as a whole is the integration of Precision’s National Pharmacy Database. As the most comprehensive and up to date UK pharmacy data source available, Precision supply GMP with bespoke information and regular updates, enabling them to deliver a best in class solution to their customers.