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"Precision Marketing Group shared my vision of creating an industry leading e-learning community".

Learning and Development, Boots Opticians
An online academy for Boots Opticians.
Precision Digital originated and built an e-learning platform for Boots Opticians staff. We took the brief and created the online portal from scratch through to delivery. The client just loved that we smashed corporate culture with ground breaking online innovation and a people focused platform. The enthusiasm for the project was over whelming and our logo and design was welcomed even though it stood outside of the traditional Boots branding. The platform has been embraced by the staff and seen as a much welcome enhancement to their development.

Since the launch of the Academy for Boots Opticians in October 2015 it has seen over 2 million page impressions of its home page, 143,510 learning modules completed and a massive 128,500 certificates downloaded!

Nigel P, Academy Manager for Boots said:

“A great example of the Academy’s flexibility…

On Tuesday we arrived back from holidays and my phone re-synced when I turned off airplane mode. I had an urgent request for a learner record and manged to download it and email it over 3G on a smartphone, while travelling up the M1 in a huge thunderstorm (that bit is less relevant). I wasn’t driving by the way, but it did demonstrate for me what a fantastically mobile solution you’ve created. I also accessed the Academy from Paxos, just because I could!”