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‘Precision have state of the art print facilities which means we could get the project completed on very tight deadlines. They also have the flexibility to switch quickly between multiple languages’.

Caprelsa, AstraZeneca
AstraZeneca Caprelsa
Accurate, consistent and coordinated dissemination of core global product information for Caprelsa, a drug for the treatment of Advanced medullary thyroid cancer, to multiple countries in Europe, Russia and Asia.
Working with Astra Zeneca’s creative agency on Caprelsa, we translated core global marketing materials into different languages for dissemination to Astra Zeneca affiliates across Europe, Russia and Asia. Core materials included:- • Branded Presentation Binders • Patient information cards • Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) • Product Information Leaflets (PIL) • Wire bound healthcare professional booklets • Personalised communication to key healthcare professionals We organised all logistics, including print, production, and assembly of the binders along with the shipping of information either in bulk overseas, as well as personalised direct mail campaigns to targeted Doctors. Deadlines were often extremely tight so having the print and finishing department inhouse meant we could work through the night to ensure that material was printed and finished in time. 500,000 pieces of vital product information were delivered accurately, on time and on budget during this project.