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Our green promise

We’re totally committed to being green, with the goal of zero waste

Our green promise

Constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint

Our green promise

Our commitment to the environment has been recognised with many awards

We are green inside and out

We are passionately committed to environmental sustainability, constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and investing in greener alternative technologies wherever possible.

By taking this proactive approach, we can help you meet your own environmental pledges and carbon reduction goals without increasing the cost or reducing the effectiveness of your marketing operations.

Recycling is our obsession and we have smashed the recycling rate compliant with ISO 14001. Our production facilities are solar-powered and waste energy produced by our compressors is used to heat the building.

We’ve installed LED lighting throughout, and we use vegetable inks and FSC-certified paper. Meanwhile, proactive supply chain shortening has allowed us to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re green inside and out – we’ve even sown a beautiful wild flower meadow to encourage local wildlife.

You may also be interested in our video case study for Green Suffolk on YouTube.

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